"By thrift and untiring industry he acquired education and a comfortable property and was so respected as an honest and God-fearing citizen that he was on several occasions elected to municipal office by his white neighbours."
Green, Ernst "Some Graves in Lundy's Lane" Niagara Historical Society, #22, p.50

Burr Plato was laid to rest in Drummond Hill Cemetery where other early Black settlers of Niagara were buried between 1855-1863. Four generations of Burr Plato's family continue to worship at the Nathaniel Dett Memorial Chapel, BME Church of Niagara Falls. In 1998 members of the Plato family in Niagara Falls presented a bronze plaque to the Niagara Falls city council in memory of the man who came from slavery and became one of regions most distinguished citizens. The commemorative plaque now hangs in the entrance of Niagara Falls' city hall.

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*Burial Records and Notations of William Dalton

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